Stephen Amell, From Arrow, Clarifies Controversy Over Discussion With Wife


Stephen Amell: After getting his name involved in a controversy over his expulsion from a commercial flight that would depart Austin for Los Angeles, actor Stephen Amell, who starred in the series Arrow for eight seasons, used social media to clarify the facts.

According to the artist, his wife and he led a fervent discussion on the aircraft, even before the takeoff took place last Monday (21). Due to his high tone of voice, employees of the Delta company warned him of the nuisance and asked that it be controlled.

About ten minutes after this event, Amell was asked to leave the plane, taking the action immediately without question. The actor reinforced, in his official Twitter profile, that he had not been, in any way, forced out of the vehicle.

“[After the incident,] I made a new reservation on a Southwest flight and 2 hours later I flew home with no further problems,” he informed his followers on the social network. “I let my emotions get the better of me, end of story,” he finished.

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Most likely, the initiative to clarify the matter through social networks is due to the publication of a report on the TMZ portal, this Wednesday morning (23). According to the website, the investigations carried out by his team found that a flight attendant had asked Stephen Amell to lower his voice during the discussion several times.

For not complying with the request, they shared the information with other flight attendants and expelled him from the plane. TMZ even reported that Amell was drunk at the time and that Cassandra Jean, the actor’s wife, looked embarrassed.

On her official Instagram account, the actress posted a photo about the ATX TV Festival, which the two participated last weekend, with a very lively caption.

What caused this discussion?


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