Stephen Amell & Arrowverse Stars Celebrate 9-Year-Old “Flash” Arch


Stephen Amell and several stars of The Arrow Universe are celebrating the 9-year history of The Flash, as The CW confirmed that season 9 will be the show’s last in 2023. major changes in the network. As WarnerMedia and Paramount are in the process of selling a controlling stake in Nexstar, several DC TV shows and other CW shows have been canceled as a result. As for the DC brand, the CW removed “Batwoman”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and the novelty, Naomi.

The only Arrowverse dramas that were rescheduled for the next season were “Flash” and “Superman and Lois” for seasons 9 and 3, respectively. However, both series will not return until 2023, along with the appearance of the new DC series Gotham Knights. As for the fall plan, the 3rd season of Stargirl will be the only series adjacent to the Arrowverse that will air on the CW before the rest return next year. After a lot of speculation in the last few months, earlier this week it was officially confirmed that the 9th season of “Flash” will be the last in the series, with an order for 13 episodes, which will premiere sometime in 2023.

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Since season 9 of The Flash will officially end the drama of The Arrow Universe, this is certainly the end of the era of the beloved franchise. When Grant Gustin made a public announcement about the end of the show, several Arrowverse stars stepped in to congratulate the 32-year-old star. Among these film colleagues, the list includes Stephen Amell from Arrow, who played Green Arrow for 8 years before his series ended in 2020. Several Arrowverse actors who also celebrated The Flash’s 9-year legacy included Ruby Rose (Batwoman) John Wesley Shipp. (Jay Garrick) Tyler Hacklin (Superman) Juliana Harkavy (Black Canary) LaMonica Garrett (Monitor, Anti-Monitor) Rick Gonzalez (Wild Dog) Echo Kellum (Mr. Awesome) Jesse Rath (Brainiac 5) Nicole Maines (Dreamer) and Courtney Ford (Nora Dark).

The Arrowverse cast, who also congratulated the long legacy of The Flash, included several key stars from previous seasons, such as Matt Letcher (Reverse Flash), Michelle Harrison (Nora Allen), David Dastmalchian (Abra Kadabra), Andy Mientus (Pied Piper), Max Adler (Jaco Birch), Kate Sackhoff (Amunet Black) and Daniel Cudmore (Gridlock). Although the Arrowverse still has Superman, Lois, and Stargirl as part of the franchise, each of them takes place on separate Lands. Since the 9th season of “Flash” will end in 2023, this will be the last drama of the “Arrow Universe” from “Earth-Prime”. Since the CW is generally winding down superhero shows, it’s hard to imagine any further Earth-Prime Arrowverse shows in the foreseeable future, unless Warner Bros. TV won’t decide to pass this on to HBO Max.

It’s nice to see not only the massive reaction of fans, but also colleagues from the “Arrow Universe” celebrating Gustin, since “Flash” is now the longest-running series of the franchise. Given the close connection between Oliver Queen from Amell and Barry Allen from Gustin before the former’s death, it would be great to have a fallen Green Arrow shown in season 9 of The Flash, be it a ghost or a flashback. Since Oliver died as a Ghost who returned in the Arrow universe-related Earth-Prime comic earlier this year, it wouldn’t be a shock if Amell became one of the Arrow Universe alumni who would stop at The Flash before all was said and done. .


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