Steph Curry is unhappy with the reporter’s question after the NBA title – The Spun: what is trending in the world of sports today



NBA legacy watchers view Steph Curry’s Finals MVP title as the last major achievement that the great sniper of all time needs to mark him on their list.

Curry was no doubt excited about receiving the award, but less worried about this individual award.

With the first question at the post-match press conference, a reporter asked Curry what it meant to finally overcome this finals MVP hump.

Curry slammed his palms on the table in excitement and said, “Forget it! We are the champions!”

“Why do you start with this question? We have four championships,” he added.

After talking about his team’s path to 4th place, Curry eventually nodded at the Finals MVP trophy lying on the table next to him.

“Finally caught this bad boy,” he said.

Curry’s first Finals MVP trophy was well deserved. He averaged 31.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game, including a massive struggle with 43 points and 10 rebounds in Game 4.

The finals MVP is nice, of course, but the fourth ring on his finger clearly means a lot more.