Step To Speed Up Internet Explorer’s Death


Microsoft will try to redirect Internet Explorer users with the new version of Chromium-based Edge. More than 1000 websites will not be able to be opened via Internet Explorer with the new update. In this way, Microsoft will speed up the death process of Internet Explorer.

US-based technology giant Microsoft decided to remove Internet Explorer after releasing its Chromium-based Edge. In fact, the company announced the date that will bring the end of Internet Explorer with the statements it made a while ago. Recent developments show that Microsoft has taken a radical decision to speed up the process.

Internet Explorer is a browser that can still be used by a very limited number of users. However, Microsoft doesn’t want this to be the case. In fact, the company blocks some websites from opening Internet Explorer as of the 84th version of the Chromium-based Edge. According to the information obtained, the company will take a step that will affect all users using Internet Explorer with the 87-code version, which will be available next month.

Users will not be able to access more than 1000 sites via Internet Explorer

Microsoft has integrated a DLL into the 87 code version of the Chromium-based Edge. This DLL blocks access to 1,156 predetermined websites via Internet Explorer. When the user tries to access the designated website using Internet Explorer, he receives a warning. The warning that the site in question cannot be opened via Internet Explorer directs the user directly to the Chromium-based Edge.

This is how the warning to users looks

It must be said that Microsoft’s last step will not affect many users. Because, according to the statistics company Net Applications, the global market share of Internet Explorer is only 5.37 percent. In addition, corporate systems make up a significant portion of this small slice. Microsoft does not ignore this situation, and gives a privilege to companies that install their systems via Internet Explorer. These businesses can stay out of mandatory guidance with the policies they create.

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Internet Explorer emerged as the shining star of the 90’s. Although access to the Internet was not as common as it is today, more than 90 percent of users were using Internet Explorer in the late 90s. However, the browsers developed in the process took the shoe of Internet Explorer. Now, users started to use Internet Explorer to download another internet browser only after format. As such, Microsoft decided to unplug both Internet Explorer and non-Chromium Edge after the Chromium-based Edge.


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