Step for disabled players from Microsoft


Microsoft announced it is launching a new program to help make games more accessible. In the program for disabled players, individuals with disabilities who will test the games will provide the platform with a better user experience for them with their feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft aims to make games playable for players with disabilities

Microsoft has announced a system where PC and Xbox players with disabilities will test and evaluate games for accessibility. The program was announced as part of the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines updates released in early 2020. Shared game test reports will include feedback from players with disabilities and links to information about inclusive design, relevant nonprofits, and accessibility.

The shared information stated, “Any problem that the test players will experience in the game experiences of disabled individuals will be noted with reproduction steps, screenshots and other information.”

This kind of program is expected to cause disabled players to have more gaming experiences. Many companies, including Microsoft, have been working on game accessibility with the Xbox Adaptive Controller in recent years. Thus, it is expected to show empathy for the difficulties experienced by disabled players. For example, he worked on a large-scale game experience such as The Last of Us Part II.