Step back to the WordPress iOS app from Apple


News released last Friday showed that Apple asked its developer to add an in-app purchase option to WordPress’ free iOS app. In this way, it would be possible to sell paid plans or domains from within the WordPress iOS application, and Apple would receive a 30 percent commission on these sales.

However, it seems Apple stepped back from this request. The company issued an unconventional message of apology. He stated in the message that WordPress does not need to add the in-app purchasing system to its application.

Here is Apple’s statement:

We believe the problem with the WordPress implementation has been resolved. Since the developer has removed the display of service payment options from the app, it is now a free and standalone app and does not need to offer in-app purchases. We have notified the developer and apologize for any confusion we caused.

Apple’s message draws attention to the information that the developer has implemented the correct operation and removed the payment options for the service within the application. In one of the tweets posted by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, it was stated that a precaution was taken against this.

Meanwhile, Mullenweg expressed his satisfaction with the decision with the new tweets he posted. It also seems that the developer did not expect such a development and was surprised.

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