Stefan Diggs told if he would like to play with Trevon Diggs


Stephon Diggs was assigned to help raise his younger brothers Trevon and Darez from a young age. But will Stefon’s relationship with his brothers ever extend to teammates with Trevon?

In a recent interview with Alex Pruitt of Sports Illustrated, Stephon Diggs said he was probably going to end his career with the Buffalo Bills. He admitted that because of this, the probability that he will play together with Trevon is small.

“I thought, yes, it’s not available right now,” Stephon Diggs said. “Maybe in the next life or something like that. I want to end Bills, and I’m pretty sure he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Trevon doesn’t seem to be sure that this will happen in the “next life”. He replied that it might happen eventually.

“Who knows? I feel like it could happen eventually,” Trevon Diggs said.

Stephon and Trevon Diggs quickly rose to the top of their positions.

As a wide receiver, Stephon Diggs is a longtime pro bowler and led the NFL in receptions and yards in 2020.

Trevon Diggs is wrapping up his breakout season with the Dallas Cowboys, where he led the NFL in interceptions and collected sixes en route to Pro Bowl and All-Pro awards.

Will Trevon Diggs and Stefon Diggs ever play together, or will they always be rivals in the regular season?