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Brian Bennett / Getty Images

It’s not exactly news that Buffalo Bills receiver Stephon Diggs is now one of the best receivers in the NFL. But the training camp really shows that Diggs is on a different level now compared to everyone else.

During today’s practice, Bill Diggs ran out of the gate and cut so sharply that the defending fullback fell. He then caught a pass with one hand inside the field before tiptoeing out of bounds. Diggs threw the ball into the stands to enhance the effect.

The clip goes viral, gaining more than 123,000 views in just an hour. And the fans almost can’t find the words. Almost.

The reaction on social media was a combination of shock, awe and everything in between. Almost everyone recognizes that Diggs will be virtually unstoppable in 2022.

Joining the Buffalo Bills in 2020, Stephon Diggs helped strengthen the team’s offense, immediately jumping from the bottom quarter of the league to the top five. That year, Diggs led the NFL in receptions and yards, making his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections.

Diggs made another Pro Bowl last year, recording 103 receptions for 1,225 yards and 10 touchdowns, a career high.

He’s heading into 2022 as one of the favorites to lead the NFL in receiving again, while his Billies are among the top contenders for the Super Bowl.

Such games will only help strengthen this belief.


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