Steelracing Bosses have serious potential


There are certain genres in games that have always been popular and will probably always remain popular. A side—scrolling platformer, an adventure game, a first-person shooter – all this will probably remain. But from time to time a new genre appears. In 2011, Dark Souls was released, and its improvements over Demon’s Souls ensured that it was this game that became responsible for popularizing what gamers now call Soulslike. A gloomy atmosphere, a dull narrative, slow, methodical battles and RPG elements are just some of the characteristics of this relatively new genre, and many modern games can be attributed to this category. However, some of the best Soulslikes wear their inspiration on their sleeve, and Steelrising certainly does that.

The action of Steelrising takes place in an alternate timeline. It’s similar to Souls, in which players confront an army of French automatons from the 1700s. On September 8, 2022, players will assume the role of Aegis, a character that the player can form to defeat any enemies thrown in her way. With clockwork mechanisms dominating the artistic style of the game, Steelrising looks like one of the most unique Soulslike, bringing some truly distinctive additions to the genre. And, as with all good Soulslikes, Steelrising also has a whole host of clumsy bosses to beat.

There are some really unique bosses in Steelrising

Given the attention to the latest Steelrising trailer at the Nacon Connect event, the game’s bosses look seriously threatening and unique. The action of Steelrising takes place in an alternative France of the 1700s, in which King Louis XVI is truly distraught, the Spiders developer can get creative with the design of his boss, and judging by the trailers released so far, it seems that they really capitalize. it’s good on it.

Bosses in Steelrising, called Titans, are various mechanical creatures with a clockwork mechanism, such as Dwemer Constructs in Skyrim or clockwork robots in Doctor Who. Each of these Titans has an incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind design that takes full advantage of the game’s characteristic setting. In the trailer, fans can see a variety of Titans. They range from small mini-bosses who are armed with giant crossbows, swords and shields, to huge bosses who take the form of a guillotine on wheels or a walking Tesla coil that spews electricity with every attack.

It really seems that every boss in Steelrising will be individual and original, and no design will be repeated twice. The uniqueness of each Titan lies not only in its visual design, but also in the game mechanics. Based on the latest Steelrising trailer, it seems like every Titan will offer some new type of gameplay, whether it’s ranged attacks, fire attacks, or a combination of everything. This variety perfectly complements the game mechanics of customization and assembly, so that the player can equip his Aegis with various weapons and abilities. Since the player cannot rely on just one build throughout the game, the gameplay remains varied and exciting.

The Soulslike formula works best when the game constantly throws the player new challenges, types of enemies and types of buildings, and it seems that Steelrising can just do it. If Steelrising can really capitalize on its titan bosses, both in terms of design and gameplay, then it has a chance to become one of the most memorable Soulslike games in recent years and stand out in this often quite saturated market.

Steelrising is released on September 8, 2022 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.