Steelracing and Lies of P Prove the Value of Alternative Historical video Game Settings


The video game industry is so vast and diverse, which is usually reflected in its products. There is a wide variety of genres, franchises, game mechanics and game aesthetics, but sometimes there are elements that also tend to appear with surprising frequency. Despite the fact that games in the genre of tactical shooters can have a lot of innovation and originality, there are a huge number of games that take place during significant conflicts of the twentieth century, especially the First and Second World Wars. As culturally important as these events are, especially to the Western world, there are so many other time periods that games could explore instead.

One intriguing feature that has started to appear more regularly is games with alternative historical settings. Upcoming games like the Steelrising role-playing game from Spiders, developer GreedFall, and the creepy Soulslike Lies Of P from Neowiz are pushing the boundaries when it comes to their settings and time periods. This shows how Steelrising’s original take on the French Revolution and Lies Of P’s unique twist on a classic fairy tale can be rich sources of creative content as well as intriguing settings.

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A unique look at history

The action of Steelrising takes place in the turbulent Paris of 1789. It tells the story of the brutal and transformative French Revolution, when the mad king Louis XVI destroys the city and attacks the population with his formidable army of machine guns. Players may think they know the history of the Revolution and how it ended, but Steelrising adds a fantastic layer to the historical elements, weaving fact and fiction together as players encounter real characters like Marie Antoinette and Robespierre through the eyes of an elegant mechanical bodyguard named Aegis.

Although “Lie P” is not really that based, it still follows the familiar story of Pinocchio and Geppetto, which takes place in the “Belle Epoque” — a moment in French and European history towards the end of the 20th century. nineteenth century and early twentieth. This period of time is usually characterized by peace, prosperity and optimism, abundance of cultural and technological innovations, flourishing music, art and literature. On the contrary, “The Lie of Pi” paints a dark and sinister picture this time, as Pinocchio explores the dangerous and terrifying streets of the once beautiful city.

How can this help the setting and plot of the game

Creating an alternative historical setting has several advantages. First, games can land on reality to some extent by using familiar elements such as real faces from history or famous cities such as Paris Steelrising or Belle Epoque’s architectural style in Lies of P incorporated into their settings. They can exist alongside features that won’t be as familiar, and can be used to constantly confuse players as they make sure they know how the story will go before the rug is pulled out from under them. Gamers may begin to doubt what will happen next, which will allow developers to include twists and turns that will add intrigue to the game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order, released in 2014, made excellent use of its alternative historical setting. Although at first it seemed like it was a first-person shooter set during World War II, players immediately realized something was wrong when B.J. Blazkovich was still fighting the Nazis in 1946 at the beginning of the game. Wolfenstein: The New Order can effectively use elements that players are already familiar with, such as undeniably evil antagonists that need no introduction or further customization, but can still add so many original aspects thanks to its deviation from the real story.

Alternative story settings may have the appeal of their real-world period counterparts, but also should not be slaves to historical accuracy. Steelrising has the luxurious aesthetics and signature design of France from the late 1800s, but beyond that it can add deadly machine guns and fantastic technology to give players something new. Other games should definitely follow in the footsteps of Steelrising and Lies Of P and explore different time periods with an eye to originality.