Steel legs: Cristiano Ronaldo showcases his gorgeous hips


At 35, any professional soccer player would already be in the twilight of his career, wearing the shirt of half table teams and looking for the date to end his career, but that is not the case of the veteran Cristiano Ronaldo.

At 35, CR7 is in flawless form, continues to exude talent and magic on the pitch in the Juventus uniform and remains one of the most important and talented players in the world. All of this is due in large part to his strong training which has left him legs of pure steel.

This Monday, the Commander uploaded a photograph to his social networks in which he is strengthening his legs and you can see the large number of muscles marked on them, a physique that everyone envies.

This weekend, Juventus debuted in Serie A with a comfortable 3-0 win against Sampdoria and Cristiano scored the final goal, showing that there is still power in those legs for a while.

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