Steam’s New Library Design Is Available to All Users


The world’s most popular gaming platform, Steam, has opened the new design of the game library to all users. The new design, which has been prepared in a more full structure, has been able to show many details.

The world’s most popular gaming platform, Steam, has kept its promise in recent weeks, and finally made perhaps the biggest innovation in Steam history. This innovation, which means a new library design for the gamer, is currently being used by all Steam users. The new design, currently available in beta, will be available in full version in the future.

In fact, functionality is always of great importance. This applies not only to Steam, but also to all other platforms, games and programs. Steam’s current library was highly functional. You can view your games from the list on the left, and the rest of the screen contains up-to-date information about the game. First, let’s take a look at Steam’s current library view.

The new design, currently in beta, features a number of innovations without reducing functionality. Now let’s look at how you can use this design and what has changed.

What you need to do to use Steam’s new library
The first thing you need to do to use Steam’s new library design is to click on the “Steam” menu button at the top left of the application.
Click on the submenu as “Settings” or “Preferences” and access the part of Steam where you can set up. You will see a screen like this.

Within the Account “submenu, there is a section that says” Beta participation. “Click the” CHANGE … “button here.
On the screen that appears, click on the button that says “NO – Join any Beta programs”, click on “Steam Beta Update” and then click “OK”.
You will receive a warning that Steam must be restarted. Click “Restart” to wait for Steam to restart.
As soon as the Steam app is restarted, you are ready to use Steam’s new library design.

At first glance, Steam’s new library design can be a bit complicated. However, in fact, the basic logic is kept the same information about the games is provided more space. The game names on the left are enriched with game logos in addition to the old design. Also added to this section, “Favorites” section, allows you to open a separate folder for your favorite games.

The right side of the library is full. So much so that Steam’s new library design now has a section called “What’s New” that lets you see new developments about your games more easily. In this section, you can learn about the updates to the games you have.

Just under the Innovations section, there is a section called “New Games”. This section contains the games you have already purchased and played. At the bottom is the “All Games” section, where you can filter all the games you’ve ever received from Steam.

When you click on one of the games in your library, it now looks like the one above. At the top of the page you will find an image of the game, details of your achievements, your last playing date and your total playing time. The following page includes the latest updates, status shares, and a section you can do.

How did you find Steam’s new library design? You can share your ideas with us.