SteamOS 3 Was Leaked On The Internet, See Now The Steam Deck UI Look


The SteamOS 3 operating system, the same one that will be used on the Steam Deck portable, was recently leaked on the internet. And the leak is interesting not only for those interested in Valve’s console, as the system’s user interface should eventually make its way to Steam’s PC launcher as well.

The information was revealed in July, when Valve itself confirmed that the Big Picture mode, Steam’s full-screen interface mode that aims to facilitate the use of the platform with controller, will be replaced by the UI used in the Steam Deck OS. And now an incomplete version of the system, still in development, has crashed onto the internet.

Pavel Djundik, programmer and dataminer at SteamDB (a community dedicated to keeping up with news related to Steam and Valve), had access to images of the operating system. The screenshots show that the Steam Deck user interface design is basically the same as the current Steam library with just a few modifications.


The dataminer shared the images of SteamOS 3 running on a Windows computer and informed that the version leaked on the internet is not yet finalized. Thus, features such as access to the Steam games store itself are not available and consequently could not be tested.

The Steam Deck, Valve’s “pocket” console that promises to allow you to enjoy the Steam library (or at least much of it) anytime and anywhere, is scheduled for release in December this year.


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