Steam users draw portraits of Gabe Newell


As the CEO of one of the most influential video game companies in the world, which helped launch the digital PC era with its Steam client and introduce the Steam Deck to the mobile market, Gabe Newell, often referred to as “Gaben”, is a name that catches the eye for many. Given Valve’s early success, and games like Half-Life and Portal still have an impact, the bearded Santa Claus in games has become something of an icon. So much so that some fans created portraits of him.

Several threads in the Steam subreddit did reveal an inner artist in some users, as there were many illustrations depicting the head of Valve. While some people decided to depict how he looked a few years ago, others decided to make a more modern picture, depicting him with his trademark gray beard and long hair. In fact, one user under the nickname WorstSpawnPossible used the Midjourney artificial intelligence tool to create a portrait in which Newell is depicted as Santa Claus himself in a Christmas hat.

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Gengar218 user also chose artificial intelligence, using DALL-E 2 to create a Leonardo da Vinci-style image of Newell. Others, such as Staceyp, decided to draw with a pencil instead. Obviously, the business magnate had a significant impact on society. Given the huge popularity of the Steam client for PC, millions of gamers around the world are all too familiar with the name of Gabe Newell. While Steam itself continues to bring money to the company, some old fans remember the early days of high-quality games.

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The CEO of Valve also made a splash at the beginning of the year when a user personally received a Steam deck from Gabe Newell himself. With a film crew in tow, Gaben can be seen walking from door to door in an area near Valve’s head office, handing the deck to residents who have pre-ordered on a mobile device. He even asked them to contact him personally to give some feedback about it.

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As one of the most influential people in the video game industry, Gabe Newell is on a par with Hideo Kojima, Sam and Dan Houser and Shigeru Miyamoto. With Steam Deck becoming popular and becoming something more than just a portable gaming console, Valve has shown that it can do more than create games or influential storefronts for PCs. The company can really have an impact on the equipment market.


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