Steam updates to improve PS5 DualSense compatibility


The device already worked with platform games, but the patch adds some of the controller’s functionality.

The PS5 DualSense controller has a number of special features, such as the ability to take advantage of its haptic technology or adaptive triggers. To get its full potential it is necessary to use it with the console, since Sony has not offered official support on PC, for example. However, Steam has just updated its beta client in order to improve and extend its compatibility.

According to the patch notes released by Valve itself, “additional support for the PS5 DualSense controller” has been added, including LED, touchpad, vibration, and gyro functionalities. ” In addition, a directional slide mode has been incorporated for use with the touchpad and gyroscope. What it does not allow, at the moment, is to take advantage of adaptive triggers, although less is nothing.

Some problems

As it is a beta, there are still elements that have not been adapted to the DualSense. For example, screen images still show Xbox controller icons. Players also ensure that the vibration only works when the controller is connected by cable. The second method of connection is via Bluetooth, so if you opt for that method you will not need to use the cable.

Steam has not taken too long to offer this possibility to players, so it is expected that improvements will continue to be added in the future. Maybe in a while we can enjoy some of the advantages of PS5 when it comes to control.

PS5 has been released in all major markets. The same has happened with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although in this case it was a worldwide launch. What is clear is that the new generation is here and is here to stay.

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