Steam Starts Tests of ‘News Hub’ That All Things About Games Will Take Place


Valve has begun testing a new feature for its online gaming platform, Steam. This feature, called “News Hub”, is a news center where all the developments related to the games will take place.

Steam, the world’s most popular online gaming platform, is one of the frequent destinations for millions of gamers around the world. In addition to the most popular games in the world, Valve’s platform includes hundreds of thousands of games that have not been heard and are waiting to be discovered.

Steam has been in a monopoly position since its launch. However, Epic Games, whose star has started to shine in recent years, has seriously cornered Steam. While some of the gamers say that Steam has no value after Epic Games, game developers have started to choose Epic Games because of affordable costs. This sparked Valve and the company started a feverish work to make Steam the center of attraction.

For a while, Steam has signed on to important innovations that will appeal to gamers. In this context, the company has changed the library interface, which has been used for years and has a very simple structure, and has carried out dozens of studies so that gamers can search better and discover new games. Now adding a new one to these works, Valve has created a fully customizable news center.

The news center created by Steam is called “News Hub” and attracts gamers even more to the platform. Because Steam users will be able to follow event news, new developments about games, game sales, in short, whatever you can think of about games through News Hub. This news center will convey all the developments related to Steam to gamers.

Steam’s News Hub page looks like this
One of the impressive features on Steam’s new page is that it can be customized. In other words, gamers will only be able to filter in that category no matter what subject they want to know about. For example, if you only want to be informed about the games in your library, you can make a suitable filter. Moreover, you can hide details about any game you do not want while doing this.

Steam’s new service is currently being tested under Steam Labs. So not all users currently use the News Hub feature by default. However, if the tests are completed and the necessary studies are completed, Steam will offer this feature to all game lovers.


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