Steam sale, the entire Assassin’s Creed saga


The great Ubisoft saga receives its biggest sales in its history in Valve’s digital store, until October 20. Less than a month after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes out (on November 10 to be exact), Ubisoft has launched a promotion on Steam whereby we can discover the saga or explore that chapter that we missed in its day and for which we have curiosity (although there is not a very established plot continuity that makes it necessary to play one to enter Valhalla).

Until October 20, all games in the series will be on sale in Valve’s digital store, with some of the biggest sales seen in the store so far, for both individual titles and game packs.

The most current and current generation, the two games that have managed to change the course of a franchise that was showing signs of exhaustion: Origins and Odyssey, remain separate and individual from any pack. Odyssey, the most recent and for many one of the best installments of the series, is reduced by 70%, to € 17.99, a more than attractive price given not only its quality but also the quantity and hours of content it has this adventure. The previous and also excellent Origins is reduced by 80%, which leaves it at an attractive € 11.99.

Discounts on all games and DLCs

Diving further into the past we find the Assassin’s Creed Bundle, which despite the name is not a complete pack of games in the saga as it happens in other Bundles on Steam, but is a pack of four games that includes Black Flag, Unity, Rogue and Syndicate, for the price of € 24.89. The logic of the bundle is somewhat ethereal, since there are deliveries in the saga that do have greater plot cohesion and would benefit more from being in a pack, but the French company follows its own logic and understands that these games, close in the time between them and grouped in the previous generation of hardware, they have attractive as a whole, reduced by 77%. All four are games of merit, but if you want to look for something more economical and are not looking to take four moderately long games, Black Flag for € 6.59 is possibly the best of the four, especially due to its novel maritime aspect. We also dare to suggest taking a look at Unity, despite its bad reputation for initial bugs that are already largely fixed; It is the game with a more aggressive reduction, of 85%, leaving it at € 4.49, and its beautiful recreation of Paris deserves to be enjoyed, transcending the limits of the technology of its time to show us one of the most spectacular environments in the video game.

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Outside of this we find the original deliveries with various discounts. The Ezio saga, which should be in a pack (how it has been physically), requires buying the second part, Brotherhood and Revelations, all individually and with 67% discounts. You can also browse through the Chronicles and their exotic places like China, Russia or India. If you already own some of the games, but not their DLCs, they are also mostly discounted, so you can purchase the recommended Fate of Atlantis from Odyssey for € 6.24. In short, a good opportunity for fans of the saga.


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