Steam Roundup 2021: Monthly Active Players, Annual Spending, And Hours of Play


Steam: The growth of the platform continues to be exponential, on the path of what was seen in 2020, when the pandemic precipitated an unprecedented rebound. 2021 has been a great year for Steam, Valve’s PC video game platform. That is the initial conclusion that we can draw from the annual report of the service that has just been published on the official portal. The Summary of the year 2021 throws a multitude of statistics and interesting data about the evolution of Steam during the twelve months that made up a historical course; a growth that maintains the momentum that began in the atypical year 2020, when health circumstances forced millions of people to remain confined to their homes. Let’s take a look.

38 billion hours played on Steam in 2021; 21% growth

“Steam’s continued success is ultimately due to two factors: the games available to players and the quality of experience players find in those games,” Valve said in its report. This translates into various data that we will detail below, although there are some that speak for themselves.

In 2021, following in the wake of “unprecedented growth in 2020”, not only has the data for the hardest year of the pandemic been matched, but the number of hours played on Steam has been exceeded by 21%: 38,000 million games. hours played; exactly 4.3 million years in game time.