Steam Replay 2022 Shows Your Most Popular Games, Platform and More


Steam has introduced Steam Replay 2022, where you can see which game genre and control scheme you have spent the most hours in.

This feature was originally obtained back in August, which also accurately predicted its opening in the middle of the winter sale. You can access Steam Replay via this link.

You can share your replay with friends by changing the “Page Visibility” in the drop-down list to “Friends Only” or “Public”, and then getting a link using the “Share” button. You can also get your rewind as an image using the Share button if you are going to share it via social media.

Steam Replay 2022

Steam Replay 2022 tracks all game time from January 1, 2022 to December 14, 2022. However, it does not record game time offline or without an internet connection. This also eliminates the time spent running tools and other types of non-gaming software (for example, Wallpaper Engine). Other games that are not released or disabled are also excluded from the replay.

Steam Replay shows the games you’ve played the most, the percentage of those games from all your hours, and even the number of sessions you’ve played. It also shows how many games you have played, and how many of them were new. He even counts achievements and management schemes and platforms.

The next screen shows the “Steam Average” for achievements, games, and streaks. The first two are noticeably lower than expected, most likely due to players playing multiplayer games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which offer virtually no achievements after a certain point, despite the game time. It then illustrates your game selection behavior with a neatly illustrated ring diagram, dividing your games into new releases, recent favorites, and classic games.

What follows is a spider diagram, this time distinguishing between different genres. There will be more details later: how many games were donated, manuals and reviews were written, new friends were added, and much more.

After showing you the details of your most popular games, it shows your playing time by month and platform, and then your longest daily series. It ends with an exhaustive list of all the Steam games that you have run.


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