Steam receives update with Remote Play Together support


Valve released today (01) an update for Steam that allows you to enjoy a great remote gaming resource! With Remote Play Together, still in beta, it is possible to play titles with local cooperative mode completely online!

Even games that lacked any native form of support for online modes were covered by the novelty, so now you can take a very old game and connect to play with your friends!

If a catalog title supports Remote Play Together, the platform itself will create a link to the match, and that link can then be shared with anyone. After that, the online game starts with just one click!

The only catch is that the second player also needs to have the Steam application installed on his machine in order to enter the game. As usual, the feature should still spend a few weeks in beta before it is officially launched, but all players can now participate in its open beta.

What did you think of this feature? Are you going to play online with your friends? Comment below!

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