Steam is on the agenda with its new feature


The fact that Epic Games offers some popular games for free has increased competition between game platforms. Steam plans to make it easier for players to access closed Beta thanks to its TestPlay feature.

Steam is on the agenda with TestPlay feature

Thanks to the TestPlay feature that some users have noticed in the Total War: Elysium game in the past days, players will have faster access to closed Beta versions.

Activating the Closed Beta feature in May, Total War: Elysium is getting ready to offer Beta access to more players by activating the TestPlay feature.

In this way, players will quickly detect bugs in Beta versions and contribute to making the games more stable.

Thanks to the new feature, game developers will be able to enable more users to test the Beta version when it is software and hardware ready.

Valve has not yet made an official statement regarding its new feature. It is noteworthy that this feature is currently active for several games. For this reason, unfortunately it is not clear whether the feature will come to all games. However, popular game developers are expected to activate this feature soon.

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