Steam: Intel regains fraction of market it lost to AMD


Steam: Even with inventory difficulties caused by the pandemic, AMD was managing to grow in the processor market earlier this year, but the winning streak appears to be over. In a Steam Hardware and Software survey, the company lost ground to Intel — approximately three out of every four CPUs on the gaming service bear the company logo led by Pat Gelsinger.

Steam conducts a monthly survey with its users to find out what components are used in their computers and how the company can invest in improvements. In terms of processor, Intel and AMD are the companies that are constantly working for market dominance and, while the research is not completely scientific, the results are a good thermometer of trends.

The June charts show a 3.44% variation in the sector, where Intel gained a 1.72% share and the rival lost the same amount of market. Currently, the manufacturer of Core CPUs is in 71.58% of Steam computers participating in the survey, while AMD makes up only 28.41%.

With products available on multiple digital platforms and increasingly attractive prices, Intel has regained virtually all the fraction it had lost to AMD this year, even after the launch of the Zen 3 line (Ryzen 5000 series).


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