Steam has more monthly users than Xbox and PlayStation


Playing on the PC is an increasingly popular option, and a good proof of that are the numbers recently revealed by Valve. The owner of Steam confirmed that, throughout 2020, the service had more monthly users than the main consoles on the market!

While the PlayStation Network registers 102 million active users, against 90 million players on Xbox Live, the PC takes the lead and, counting only the Steam numbers, has no less than 120 million monthly users!

According to the producer, part of this success is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which ended up putting more people to play on the computer at home. As much as the pre-COVID-19 growth was already good, social isolation allowed reaching an incredible 62.6 million daily players, and a 21.4% growth in the number of games purchased compared to 2019.

Thanks to the success of Cyberpunk 2077 and CS: GO, Steam surpassed the mark of 24 million active players at the same time in December 2020. And you, are you also part of the group that plays more on the computer? What did you think of these numbers? Comment below!


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