Steam Deck Will Support Rainbow Six Siege’s Anti-Cheat System And More


Steam Deck: Valve has been working on integrating this type of technology for months, since otherwise the games will not work. Valve’s new machine is about to hit the market, at least for those who have reserved it in advance. If nothing changes, the Steam Deck will start rolling out to early buyers in February. Much has been made about catalog compatibility on the laptop from the creators of Half-Life: Alyx. And it is that one of the main stumbling blocks are the anti-cheating systems. Now, the company has confirmed that it is already compatible with Easy Anti-Cheat. In other words: titles like Rainbow Six Siege or Halo: The Masterchief Collection should work just fine.

“Our team has been working with Epic on Easy Anti-Cheat compatibility with Proton for the last few months, and we are pleased to announce that you can now make your EAC games compatible with Steam Deck very easily and without the need to integrate new services. nor to add game binary files or SDK versions ”, they announce in a statement. “Coupled with last year’s BattlEye updates, this means Proton and Steam Deck now easily support the two major anti-cheat services.”

Steam Deck and its Steam Verified system

The American company has also reported that they are going to start sending test data from the Deck Verified program, a system that allows the player to know different aspects about the compatibility of games with Steam Deck. In a message to developers, Valve has detailed how the process works.

“We’re delighted to be able to make this announcement, as it means partners can continue to use the tools they have to prevent cheating, while also adding support for even more great games on the Steam Deck. Please let us know in the discussion forums if you have any questions.”

Steam Deck can still be reserved on the official website. The distribution will be staggered and will depend on the moment in which each user has made the reservation of one of its three models.