Steam Deck: Valve Didn’t Find Heavy Games That Don’t Run On Console


Steam Deck: There’s no doubt that the Steam Deck is the most powerful handheld video game ever made. Valve itself performed several tests throughout the development of the console and, after working with numerous prototypes, arrived at a model capable of running absolutely all games currently available on the market.

“We’ve evaluated a number of games released over the past few years, but the real test was the games released last year,” developer Pierre-Loup Griffais told the IGN website.

“They didn’t run well enough on the architecture of our old prototypes, so we’ve been tweaking the system until we’ve reached the level of performance required by the latest generation without a hitch. All the titles we’d like to be playable are running really well!”

“Actually, the entire Steam library runs smoothly, we haven’t found a game that our hardware couldn’t handle,” celebrated Pierre-Loup. “If developers start to focus too much on image quality, we may have to go into a position of needing to tweak the settings, but we haven’t come across anything like that so far.”

We’ll see if the newest video game on the market will be able to meet the public’s expectations when it launches in December 2021. What do you think of the Steam Deck so far? Looking forward to buying yours? Let us know in the comments below!


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