Steam Deck user Modifies the device to get a Star Wars-style loading screen


Since its release earlier this year, Steam Deck has stood out among other mobile gaming devices and is currently very popular. Since Valve says that reservations for the fourth quarter will be sent earlier, it becomes clear that the system is selling quite quickly, and the queue is shrinking at the speed of nodes. What makes the deck so popular is that it not only allows users to play computer games on the go, but also has great versatility.

As PCGamesN noticed, a Reddit user under the nickname ProjectPlatt93 set up his Steam deck to make it more familiar to Star Wars fans. In particular, they changed the loading screen so that now it not only plays the iconic opening music of the franchise, but also shows the device’s logo in the “Star Wars” font when it flies into space. The user who created it says that it combines the love of games with the legendary sci-fi series. There were even instructions for those who decide to try to configure the loading sequence of their deck.

Star Wars is one of the most recognizable brands in the film industry, which has been a staple for millions of moviegoers for decades. His influence on pop culture is so strong that it is quite possible that most people recognize movies only by the Steam Deck logo made to order by ProjectPlatt93. The fact that they also implemented an introductory musical intro only strengthens the deal. As a result, many in the Reddit thread are impressed with this new start screen, and some now want to make their own, on the theme of “Star Wars” or not.

Star Wars Download video from SteamDeck

Of course, games are what most people are interested in when it comes to a portable Valve device. There are thousands of games on the Steam Deck that are either fully tested or can be played, and this number is constantly growing. For those who don’t know, proven games should work perfectly, whereas games that can be played will be compatible, but users may encounter several errors.

In general, Steam Deck has so far established itself as a successful one in the mobile games market. Thanks to Valve’s track record on poorly received hardware projects, the company should have won on this front. While software is the raison d’etre of its existence and the Steam platform is its most profitable asset, the deck shows that the developer is more than capable of entering the hardware scene.


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