Steam Deck: So We Can Check How The Games Work And Their Level Of Compatibility


Steam Deck: When in doubt about whether or not a specific video game will be compatible with Steam Deck, Valve presents a website that will review the entire available catalog. All Steam Deck buyers will be able to know in detail if a video game is compatible with the device and what is its degree of compatibility. Valve has presented this Monday Deck Verified, a web portal dedicated to carrying out a constant process of verification of each of the titles that enter the store. Each work will receive a category depending on its level of verification; all indicated with clear, legible and transparent icons with the user. This is how it will work.

How will we know if a video game is compatible with Steam Deck

It should be noted that the Valve web portal has ended the debate on the definition of this device. Console? laptop? A little of both? “With the Steam Deck, we take your Steam library into a new form factor: a portable gaming PC,” they begin by saying. “While many games run flawlessly on the Deck without any tweaking, this change may mean that some titles that look great on a desktop PC may not offer an equally satisfying experience on the Steam Deck.”

That is why it is important for the user to quickly know which experiences are optimal on the Steam Deck and, consequently, which ones are not. Valve is also working on a feature so that we can check the compatibility types of the games in our library before launching them. Soon we will know what and how many games have already been verified on Steam Deck.

Four categories of Steam Deck compatibility

The procedure is simple: every time Valve reviews a game it will give it a level of compatibility with the Steam Deck. We will see these four categories (assigned with a colored icon) when we browse our library or the Valve store. These are the four categories; Next we will see what the requirements are to receive the Verified icon.

Verified: the game works perfectly; no adjustments of any kind are required.

Playable: The title may require some manual adjustments to play. “For example, when the user has to manually select a community controller configuration, use the touch screen to navigate through a launcher, and so on.”
Not Supported: This title does not work on the Steam Deck currently.
Unknown: This title has not been verified, therefore it is unknown if it is playable, verified or not supported.


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