Steam Deck Reaches 1,000 Verified Or Playable Games


Steam Deck: Valve’s portable device, which has already reached the hands of the first customers, is compatible with hundreds of video games. When the Steam Deck was officially announced, Valve assured that most of the game library would be compatible with the console. Properly optimized games have their own verification seal. According to a new entry on the official blog of the North American company, there are already 1,000 titles that have achieved this status. That is, they work perfectly on the laptop.

“As you can imagine, this has been an exciting week for us. Not only did we start delivering the first Steam Deck units to users, but just yesterday we reached another milestone with over a thousand games classified as Verified or Playable on Deck,” they explain in the statement.

Deck Verified, a demanding process

Valve has taken the opportunity to reflect on what the Deck Verified program means both for “the present and for the future”. The company has made it clear that this classification “is a snapshot of the moment”, since they are continuously working on compatibility at all levels: controls, anti-cheat systems, etc. “At the same time, we continue to fix Proton bugs that are causing problems in certain games on a daily basis and also add new features to make other games compatible.”

The creators of Steam Deck point out that the verification processes are very demanding. If any aspect does not quite fit, they classify it as “playable” and not as “verified”. On the other hand, “if 99% of the game’s functionality is accessible, but entering an optional minigame crashes, or if a tutorial video doesn’t render, that classifies it as Not Supported.”

The future looks promising. According to the company led by Gabe Newell, the rate of improvement is so positive that they expect that many titles that are currently marked as “playable” or even “not compatible” will become verified.