Steam Deck Q4 booking is sent out earlier


When it was released in February, many were excited to finally get their hands on the Steam Deck. As a gaming console, which is essentially a mobile PC, the device has made a splash in the industry. As games are constantly being added to Valve’s Steam deck, it is becoming a huge force in this particular market. The demand for it means that many people have to wait until they can buy it themselves. However, there seems to be some good news for those at the far end of the queue.

In a recent tweet from Lawrence Young, Valve’s designer, those with a Steam deck reserved for Q4 may not have to wait long. It seems that many in this group have already received emails about their purchase window. Yang insists that this is not a mistake, and some of those who got into Q4 will be transferred to Q3 instead. This means that those who expected their deck to appear near the end of the year may find that they will be able to purchase it earlier. The tweet ends with a message that more detailed information is expected.

This is a continuation of a recent story in which Valve says that everyone who has reserved a Steam deck will receive it by the end of 2022. much faster than expected. Those due to be drafted in the fourth quarter may want to keep an eye on their email in case they can buy one soon. However, the Rock Paper Shotgun article about Yang’s tweet says that some in the third quarter may receive their Steam deck after fourth quarter reservations are made, but there may be additional factors such as location that need to be taken into account.

On top of that, the Valve device has proven itself to be a very versatile machine. Now that Steam Deck supports classic Nintendo controllers, including SNES and NES tablets, not to mention that the device is suitable for emulating games, users quickly discover that it is one universal console/PC.

Originally touted as a competitor to the Nintendo console, Valve discussed the similarities with the Switch, stating that the Steam Deck is more suitable for PC users and those who are used to an “expensive game controller”. Overall, the deck is surprisingly good on its own, and those who have been waiting to get their own will undoubtedly be glad of the opportunity to purchase it in the near future.


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