Steam Deck May Be Incompatible With Some Games At Launch


The Steam Deck, Valve’s portable due for release in December, caught the attention of gamers around the world when it was announced in July of this year. Promising to run every Steam game anytime, anywhere, the small console could end up being incompatible with some titles when it hits the market.

The promise of full support for games listed on Steam was made by Pierre-Loup Griffais, developer at Valve, in conversation with IGN. At the time, Griffais mentioned that the Steam Deck is capable of running all games currently available on the platform.

Apparently things aren’t quite like that. At least this is what James B. Ramey, President of Codeweavers, claims. The company helped develop Proton, an important software that allows the Steam Deck operating system to recognize and run Windows games on Linux, which will come pre-installed on the laptop.

Game Compatibility on Steam Deck

According to Ramey, Proton is currently compatible with about 16,000 titles available on Steam — that is, there are games that the laptop does not yet support.

President Codeweavers said he believed that the promise to run all games available now on Steam may have been wrongly made. “I don’t necessarily think [Griffais] was referring to Proton-supported games,” Ramey said during his appearance on the Boiling Steam podcast. For him, the Valve developer meant that the small console has enough hardware power to handle games, even the heaviest ones.

Still, the Codeweavers commander thinks the situation will be different in the future. He believes that efforts to get more and more games compatible with Proton will be continued, with an increasing number of titles being supported to work on the Steam Deck.


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