Steam Deck Issues Temperature Warning as Heat Waves Continue


In response to the record heat continuing this summer in Europe and other parts of the world, Valve recently issued a warning to Steam Deck owners about what temperatures could cause their systems to stop working. Valve caught much of the gaming world by surprise when it announced Steam Deck last year, and although the revolutionary portable gaming system was met with a delay due to ongoing processor shortages, Steam Deck was finally released and received warm reviews in February. .

As in the case of the Nintendo Switch, which it is very similar to, the main advantage of the Steam Deck is that it allows players to take their libraries of computer games with them on the road — even graphically rich games like The Witcher 3 run without much difficulty. and only a controlled drop in visual quality. This portability means that players may be tempted to take their Steam games outside during the bright summer months, but incredibly high temperatures can increase the likelihood of their Steam decks overheating and shutting down in the middle of a challenging gaming session — and Valve is doing its best. his clients remain aware of this possibility in the face of record-breaking weather.

The official Steam Deck Twitter account recently posted a message warning owners about overheating their PDAs in response to yesterday’s record high temperatures in Britain, according to Destructoid. In this statement, Valve notes that the Steam Deck is designed to operate safely at ambient temperatures from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit). If the internal temperature of the steam deck exceeds this value, the system will begin to reduce its own performance to prevent damage to its finer circuits and physical infrastructure. If the APU (accelerated processor) Steam Deck reaches temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit), Steam Deck can shut down completely to prevent serious damage and protect the user from injury.

For our friends in the heat of the heat, a small note about the Steam Deck at high temperatures. Steam Deck works best at ambient temperatures from 0° to 35°C. If the temperature gets higher than this, the Steam Deck may start to reduce performance to protect itself.

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) July 19, 2022

Valve is not the only slot machine manufacturer that has recently warned its players about the danger of overheating, as Nintendo has just issued its own warning regarding the Switch, which is designed to operate at temperatures close to the Steam Deck. Valve’s new portable system has been praised by tech critics for its robust design and impressive technical specifications since developers first gained access to Steam Deck development kits last September, but every machine has its limits when it comes to operating at an effective temperature.

With Europe and other parts of the world facing record—breaking heat and harsh summer weather, players need to know how hot their systems can be before shutting down or getting seriously damaged – especially when consoles like the Steam Deck are in short supply and getting a replacement after the unthinkable is easier said than done. Fortunately, Valve is trying to let its users know how much heat is too much for the Steam Deck, and players who want to play their games under the summer sun should take care to avoid direct sunlight and keep themselves and their pocket computers cool.