Steam Deck is Friendly To New PC Users


It’s been some time since we had the Steam Deck announcement, and the network is slowly receiving impressions from those who had contact with the device. The most recent ones are courtesy of Giant Bomb and especially highlight how friendly it will be to new users.

The opinions of journalists Jan Ochoa and Matt Rorie were released in an almost 20-minute video (and you can check it out below in English), and mainly underline how friendly it will be not only to those who have left the experience with a PC behind. of games in recent times, but also with those who do not know Steam.

Another detail mentioned by the duo is related to the fact that the device is a PC that works, and in a direct comparison with the Switch, it has lower loading times. However, in a similar approach with a conventional computer, the Steam Deck takes a little longer to start a game.

The Steam Deck will be released later this year, and Valve confirmed this week that it should run Windows 11.


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