Steam Deck: Here Are The Games That Won’t Run On Your Laptop


Steam Deck: At this point, it’s known that the Steam Deck supports the Steam game library, but the list below shows some titles that won’t run on Gabe Newell’s new platform. Check out what they are:

Apex Legends
Black Desert Online
dead by daylight
Destiny 2
Fall Guys
Hunt: Showdown
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
Rainbow Six Siege

And why don’t these games run?

According to the website Protondb, these titles don’t work with the Steam Deck because their compositions are originally consoles, and Valve’s new platform is based on Linux. Another detail is the fact that all these titles have a strong emphasis on online multiplayer, which would make the anti-cheating measures chosen by producers and the option for Linux end up becoming a weak point of the system.

With the exception of these titles mentioned above, all others work normally on the Steam Deck, which will be available to the public in December this year.


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