Steam Deck has more RAM than reported by Valve


Steam Deck: After much speculation, Valve announced the Steam Deck last week. The console had all its technical specifications released, but one of them, however, suffered an error in disclosure. Users noticed yesterday (20) that the system page has been updated with the fix.

Initially, the company wrote that the device had 16GB of LPDDR5 memory that runs on a dual-channel, with a bandwidth of 5,500 MT/s. The truth is that the console’s RAM memory works on a quad-channel, which gives more bandwidth to the electronics accelerated processing unit (APU).

Gamers have been discussing the matter since the official publication that showed the hybrid console for the first time. With the APU announced, the expectation was that it would perform better than what was on the official website.

The APU is nothing more than a system that combines CPU and GPU operations on the same silicon, making them share the same memory pool. The system differs, for example, from traditional desktops and notebooks, where the CPU has access to RAM memory and the GPU has a particular memory.

In practice, correcting the information shows that the Steam Deck will perform better than expected. The games will run with an even greater fluidity, which will only not reach the firepower of the Xbox Series X/S and PS5, however, because of other factors such as resolution and screen refresh rate.

The Steam Deck is scheduled for release in December 2021 in 3 versions: 64GB of storage ($399); 256 GB ($529) and 512 GB ($659). The device has no forecast to arrive in Brazil yet.


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