Steam Deck: Gabe Newell Surprises By Distributing The First Units In Hand


Steam Deck: Gabe Newell walks through Bellevue handing out the first Steam Deck units to those who pre-ordered them in the area and gave some away if they recognized him.
Gabe Newell has surprised the community around Bellevue, Washington, where Valve’s main offices are located. The head of the company put on the delivery cap of the units reserved by the periphery. This surprised the community.

Gabe Newell was the first Steam Deck dealer

“I received a suspicious email saying that my Steam Deck shipment would arrive a few days early and could be delivered if someone was home. I was skeptical at first and didn’t want to get my hopes up,” explains Reddit user u/bitfiddler0.

“I told my wife to keep an eye on the deliveries while she was on a trip with my friends. The ‘delivery man’ came and my wife opened it for him. He asked ‘is Mike home?’ to which she said ‘no, but you can leave the package with me…and what are those cameras?’ She didn’t know the ‘delivery guy’ was Gabe Newell.”

He himself shared Newell’s arrival at his address, package in hand and dressed in the Steam Deck logos. But his ride didn’t stop there. “I saw a camera crew go to my neighbors house while I was loading the trunk of my car. My roommate recognized that the guy following them was Gaben. I didn’t believe him, but our other partner verified that yes, it was Gabe.”

u/SattleRainPidgeons, as this other user is called, had considerably more luck: “After he delivered my neighbor’s Steam Deck, we yelled ‘Hey Gabe!’ At one point he asked how many of us lived in the house, he went back to his van and gave each of us a Steam Deck. He was filming us too so I assume they will use it for some online promotion. Great day,” he concludes. The Steam Decks distributed by Newell have his autograph on the cover.

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