Steam Deck: Epic Games CEO Calls the Laptop an Amazing Game


Steam Deck: Yesterday (15), Valve’s Steam Deck announcement caused a stir in the gaming industry, and even Tim Sweeney, CEO of competitor Epic Games, seems to have been impressed, making positive comments about the handheld on Twitter. Check it out below:

In the publication, Sweeney calls the laptop/console hybrid an “amazing game”, underscoring the fact that it is an open platform that will allow users to install whatever software they want.

However, this positive reaction may be linked to the open nature of Valve’s device, which will be able to run the Epic Games Store and other PC games stores, allowing the competition to also have another platform to grow and avoiding problems similar to those faced. by Epic with Apple, which led to a lawsuit that is still ongoing.

So, did you also like the Steam Deck? Are you dreaming of the day this notebook will be sold in Brazil? Let us know in the comments section!


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