Steam Deck Delays The Release Of Its Official Dock; New Date


Steam Deck: Valve announces the delay of the official Steam Deck Dock, now scheduled for sometime later this spring. We will know more information “soon”. Valve announces a small delay in the availability of the official Steam Deck Dock. The company will announce more details “soon” as it approaches its new release date, located sometime later this spring.

“We want to get the official Steam Deck Dock into the hands of customers,” Valve explains on its official support page. “It’s not going to happen as soon as we wanted, so we’re excited to talk about it soon. We plan its availability for later this spring.”

Steam Deck on February 25: Valve insists on the process

Along with the information about the Dock, Valve insists on the sale process that will begin on February 25. If you have a Steam Deck reserved, you should keep an eye on your email.

“Starting at 19:00 (CET), we will begin sending emails to the first batch of pre-order customers via the address specified in your Steam account. They will have 72 hours to complete their Steam purchase for the specific model they had reserved. If they cancel or don’t buy it within that time, we’ll release that reservation to the next person in line.”

Want to know if your library is Steam Deck ready? From Steam you can already check in a matter of 1 minute which are the games in your library that are compatible with the laptop. Remember that there are four categories: verified, playable, unsupported, and unknown. Through this link we tell you how you can do it yourself.