Steam Deck Already Has 520 Compatible Games


Steam Deck: We are a week away from the launch of the Steam Deck, and for those who want to invest in the device, the information appeared on the net that it already has just over 500 compatible titles.

Of these more than 500 titles, 309 are already verified, that is, they run smoothly on the laptop without any problem. The “playable” list has 211 names, adding up to 520 games to be enjoyed starting next Friday (25).

About compatible titles, some names already mentioned are Dark Souls II and III, Portal, Stardew Valley, some from the Final Fantasy series and Bayonetta, just to name a few examples. Already in the list of playables we can find Grand Theft Auto V and Slime Rancher in the list.

It is worth mentioning that the idea is that more than a thousand titles will have playable status until the launch of the portable, and many others end up joining this list later (Steam has more than 50 thousand games in its list).

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