Steam broke a new record today with the number of active players

Many of the people who did not leave the house due to the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic turned to computer games and this caused an incredible increase in the number of active players in Steam. Steam, which has set a new record almost every day this week, has reached its peak in the number of active players today.

Despite its spread from China, more and more tight measures are being taken every day for the coronavirus epidemic, whose epicenter is shifting to Europe. While countries have declared curfews, schools have been vacationed in many regions around the world. Both the curfew, the holiday of schools and the closure of people to protect themselves led to the search for alternatives to spend time at home.

Computer games were the first alternative for those who were bored at home to spend time. As it is known, we saw the first hints of this in the first days of the week we approached and shared the increasing number of players on Steam. Having ruled the record a few more times during the week, Steam has reached the peak of all time today.

The number of active players on Steam has increased to 22,678,529 today:
The biggest share of this game on Steam was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), which is free to play, as you can imagine. CS: GO, which broke its own record with the number of 1,096,442 simultaneous players, did not make it to the top in this area.

The most played game on Steam after CS: GO has been announced as Dota 2 with 717,882 simultaneous players. As it is known, Dota 2 had reached approximately 1.3 million concurrent players before. This means that Dota 2 is far from its own record.

Other causes of this increase in players on Steam, other than the coronavirus outbreak, are the games that are newly added to the platform and offered for free on the platform. As it is known, recently published DOOM Eternal attracted attention with 104.891 simultaneous players on the first day. Also, some games like Deiland and Tomb Raider are now available for free on Steam. To access free games on Steam and learn how to add them to your library, you can review our news by clicking here.



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