Steam breaks own record of simultaneous players


Steam announced on Monday (8) that it again broke its record of simultaneous players on the platform by reaching an impressive peak of 26,401,586 last Sunday (7). The numbers surpassed the previous mark of 25.4 million in 24 hours and establish an increasing average of players logged in at the same time.

According to the platform’s statistics, much of Steam’s audience success is due to the strong presence of players in titles like CS: GO (daily average of 1,024,314), Dota 2 (daily average of 575,991), PUBG (daily average of 397,746) and Rust (daily average of 208,748), in addition to several games that quickly became popular as Among Us, Phasmophobia and Valheim, and contributed to the calls.

Since the start of the pandemic, with quarantine restrictions and social isolation, Steam has begun to record peaks for more than 25 million simultaneous players countless times, breaking its own records month by month. Covid-19 also boosted its sales on the platform, with seasonal sales with prices that fit all budgets.

“While Steam was already seeing significant growth in 2020 before the Covid-19 blockades, video game time increased when people started staying at home, dramatically increasing the number of customers buying and playing games, and we hope to bring some joy to balance part of the madness that was 2020 “, said Valve.

And how did you contribute to Steam’s success in that period? Leave your answer in the comments.


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