Steam Announces New Download Options


Steam, where the internet is heavily used, has published some new rules and recommendations for downloads and updates to provide some solution to the increased use of internet after coronavirus.

Millions of people have been locked into their homes in recent days. This situation increases the internet usage significantly. Internet, which is used for both business and entertainment, causes Internet traffic to be stuck worldwide, especially in Europe. For this reason, many companies have brought some restrictions on internet use.

Steam, another company where internet usage has reached very high levels after companies like Netflix and YouTube, has announced new bandwidth saving measures. Valve will not impose restrictions on users who download game updates to get started. Instead, he will try to overcome this problem by changing the update times and frequencies.

Starting this week, Valve said that only games played in the last 3 days will be updated immediately, adding that the update of games that users do not play continuously will be stopped by default. Stating that this new rule will not prevent them from updating the games you want, the company said that other than this feature, users can schedule automatic updates for their games again.

How Can Players Take Action?
Apart from this measure, Valve stated that users who have difficulty due to the density of the Internet can continue to browse the Internet without any problems while downloading games by reducing the Steam bandwidth. The company also opened a support page for people with more questions about update and bandwidth. This page contains all the information you need to manage Steam downloads and updates.

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