STAYC Returns With STEREOTYPE And The Track Is Shaping Up For Succes


The STAYC Less than a year after their debut, STAYC presents the mini-album STEREOTYPE and excites their fans, why is this comeback so special?

The girls of STAYC presented their new MV with a youthful, fresh, and romantic vibe, the HIGH UP Entertainment girl group debuted at the end of last year and, although they had already presented some singles, this time they returned with their first mini-album under the name. by STEREOTYPE .

Their title song for this comeback bears the same name and through the music video we enter the school environment, where we see them sharing time after class and also sporting charming styles in their colorful outfits.

The girls showed their confident and cheerful side for this musical release, as if that weren’t enough, as we get closer to the end of the video we also see a fashionista side, as well as some scenes that portray the support and good connection between the idols .


You won’t want to look away from this idol group, on November 12, 2020, they presented their first single under the name So Bad and in just 24 hours they had already exceeded 2.6 million views, an important mark for a debut group, and more. still out of the Big3.

The group’s fans, known as SWITH , are showing their support for the girls in this new era of music and that is why STEREOTYPE is also shaping up to be a successful stage in the girls’ careers.

The K-Pop mini-album includes a total of 4 songs including the main single as well as the melodies I’ll Be There, Slow Down, and Complex, do you dare to listen to it?

Very soon we will also hear Lisa‘s solo debut, we will tell you what songs the BLACKPINK rapper will present.


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