STAYC Celebrate Winter With a Bright Live Cover of The Song Miss A “Only You”


STAYC presented a new bright cover version of Miss A’s hit “Only You”.

The cover of “Only You” was made in collaboration with MUPLY, the production house of K-pop, and was uploaded to its official YouTube channel today (December 29). This cover was also part of the MUPLY Ply Arts High School video series, in which various K-pop artists and performers are invited to perform covers of songs on the same stage, reminiscent of a high school audience. Other artists previously invited to participate in the series include VIVIZ, LE SSERAFIM, June from SEVENTEEN and others.

In the video, six STAYC members perform both a dance and vocal cover of a classic track live on one stage decorated with winter and Christmas decorations. The band’s view of “Only You” remains largely true to the original Miss A song.

The last time STAYC released music was earlier this July with the single “We Need Love”. The record of four tracks was headed by the title track “Beautiful Monster”, and the three remaining songs were “I Like It”, “Love” and TAK’s remix of the previous title track of the female group “RUN2U”. The original “RUN2U” was released as the lead single of their February mini-album “YOUNG-LUV.COM “.

All four tracks for “We Need Love” were written and composed by Black Eyed Pilseung hitmakers, frequent STAYC collaborator Jong Gun and producers Rado and Flyt. Black Eyed Pilseung are also executives of the label STAYC High Up Entertainment.

In a mixed three-star review of “We Need Love”, Tanu I. Raj of NME criticized the female group for playing cautiously on the album. “Despite the strengths of their songs, “We Need Love” generally leaves much to be desired. It seems that not only the aforementioned experimental strip, which has become synonymous with STAYC, is missing, but also the complexity of the story they are building.”

They continued: “But if this is a transition to another era, STAYC made the transition without curiosity and completely ignoring the rules characteristic of their previous material.”


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