STAY celebrates Hyunjin’s birthday


STAY celebrates Hyunjin’s birthday. The rapper, singer, and dancer feels very lucky to share these great moments with his followers.

The native boy Seongnae Dong in Seoul, South Korea is celebrating his birthday in a very emotional way, surrounded by fans and fellow of Stray Kids .

Hyunjin debuted with the other members of the band on March 25, 2018, and despite the short time, STAY has created a strong bond of affection and support with idols , today that Hyunjin commemorates his 2 0th birthday , so they prove it more than ever.

He knew he wanted to be an idol and effort will always be reflected in his record, was apprenticed for two years within the system trainees of JYP , to the apparently his dream was fulfilled, as the longed belong to the company , he always mentions that his role model is Jin Young from the GOT7 group

Hwang Hyunjin , has shown that his artistic sensitivity is very complete, since the idol has made the record of composition of 5 original songs, under the schemes and guidelines of ‘Korea Music Copyright Association’.

The fans are filled with positive energy to the idol , writing messages of love , support and celebration through the hashtags #HappyHyunjinDay, #OurTalentedJinnie and #STAYwithHyunjinForever which quickly became trend.


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