Stay Away From This $50 Apple Iwatch Ultra Clone


Bottom line: The Indian technology company Pebble has released a clone of the Apple Watch Ultra, which is almost identical to the real one — at least in the renderings on its website. Turns out there’s a good reason why they’re so similar.

Pebble Cosmos Engage is equipped with a 1.95-inch IPS display with a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels and a brightness of 600 nits in an all-metal shockproof case. Pebble claims that the wearable device additionally supports wireless charging, advanced Bluetooth calling capabilities, multiple sports modes, IP67 rating, up to five days of battery life and much more.

It is offered with various straps, most of which look like genuine Apple products (again, in online renderings). Price? 3,999 pounds, which is less than $50. For comparison, the Apple Watch Ultra costs $799.

The Pebble website looks semi-presentable at first glance, but take a closer look and you will soon understand what is going on. They took photos from Apple, Walmart and other websites and (poorly) edited them to suit their needs.

Pebble also sells a fake standard Apple Watch called Pebble Frost for 2,199 pounds, or about $27. It claims to have a 1.87-inch HD display and several other high-quality sensors and monitoring features.

It is also worth noting that this Pebble is not the startup that helped launch the modern smartwatch movement ten years ago. This company was eventually absorbed by Fitbit for $23 million. A few years later, Google bought Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

You can spend your money on whatever you think is right, but don’t expect Pebble to offer something even remotely similar to the real Apple Watch Ultra in this price category. Poorly edited images should be reason enough to stay away from this company. Although the quality of the clones has improved over the years, they are still not real. And who knows what happens to all the personal data that you upload to your device.


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