Statement by Scientists: It Is Impossible to Take Control of the Outbreak by July


While the coronavirus continues to cause damage all over the world, sad news came from scientists. As a result of a study in Hong Kong, it was stated that the coronavirus is much more effective than the SARS virus and its control will take July.

The coronavirus, which covers the whole world, continues to cause a lot of damage. The virus in our country is considered as respiratory disease. The virus, which can be easily transmitted by air and contact, can progress until death. It is a matter of curiosity when to control the virus, which is more effective in the elderly and patients with other conditions. Even though no one can give a clear date, a news came from Hong Kong scientists that would upset us: it is impossible to control the epidemic until July.

Scientists at the University of Hong Kong decided to study coronavirus. Six of the patients with coronavirus allowed their tissues to be used in this study for science. Lung tissues from these 6 patients were examined in the laboratory. Jasper Chan Fokwoo, one of the doctors on duty, stated that the virus is like a ninja and reproduces by lowering the immunity in the body.

Coronavirus is more dangerous than SARS
According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the research revealed a frightening truth. While the SARS virus, which appeared in the past years and caused great damage, reproduced an average of 15 times in 48 hours, it turned out that the coronavirus could grow almost 100 times during the same period. However, it was stated that the coronavirus progresses more slowly than the SARS virus, and for this reason its symptoms appear later.

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The slow progression of the virus, the absence of certain symptoms, or the lack of symptoms that are not severe, is one of the most important problems for us to overcome this disease. It was stated that the measures should continue for a long time due to the coronavirus being like this. Microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung stated that it is almost impossible to control the virus until July.


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