Statement from WHO about the coronavirus vaccine!


The coronavirus, which emerged in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019, spread all over the world in a short time and therefore a pandemic was declared worldwide. After this incident, almost every country started to develop different vaccines. The World Health Organization (WHO) made a new statement about the coronavirus vaccine. According to WHO’s share, the coronavirus vaccine is not expected until the middle of next year. Here are the developments on the coronavirus vaccine!

The World Health Organization made a statement about the coronavirus vaccine!

At the press conference at the United Nations Office, WHO Spokesperson Margaret Harris stated that 6 to 9 of the Covid-19 vaccines have reached a certain point and that they are in Phase III clinical trials.

In addition, Harris emphasized that it is important to carry out the necessary controls about the effect and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine, “Phase III clinical trials should take longer. The reason is; We need to understand how protective and safe the vaccine is in real terms. ” said.

Stating that the safety procedures in vaccine studies should be applied and this prolongs the process, Harris stated that vaccination studies around the world are competing against time.

Apart from all this, WHO Spokesperson Harris said, “But in terms of the realistic time frame, we do not expect to see a widespread vaccination until the middle of next year (for Covid-19).” found in the description.

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