Statement from the Government of Ukraine Concerning Crypto Donors!


While the crisis between Russia and Ukraine continues, support is pouring in from many countries of the world to Ukraine. So much so that since the first day of the war, weapons and financial aid to Ukraine has continued.

The Ukrainian government recently announced that it will accept donations with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, along with a statement on its Twitter account. The government later added a new one to these cryptocurrencies and announced that they would accept donations with Polkadot.

Today, in another announcement made on Ukraine’s official Twitter account, it was announced that airdpro ​​will be given to donors. Here are the details…

Ukraine to Distribute Airdrops to Donors

The crisis between Ukraine and Russia has been on the world agenda for a while. While the countries oppose this move of Russia, they pour out support for Ukraine. So much so that more than 35 million dollars have been collected from the donations made to the Ukrainian government so far.

The Ukrainian government, on the other hand, announced an airdrop for donors with a tweet it published today. With this statement, the Ukrainian government announced that it will distribute crypto money for those who contribute to the country in these difficult days of the country.

The statement was made on Ukraine’s official Twitter account. In the statement, it was stated that the airdrop was confirmed and the snapshot will be taken on March 3.

35 Million Dollars Donated

The cryptocurrency community rallied in support of Ukraine after Vladimir Putin ordered a Russian military offensive last week. Data compiled by Slowmist showed that approximately $34.5 million was donated to the government and other fundraisers, which did not affect the various NFT initiatives launched in the past few days.

While numerous NFT artists have pledged to donate the profits from their sales to relief efforts in Ukraine, the RELI3F campaign has seen leading names in the field come together to organize an NFT collection with funds going to Ukraine. It sold out in 30 seconds early Saturday, raising $1 million in the process.

The Polkadot address shared by Ukraine has received more than $6 million in donations so far. One wallet sent 298,367 DOTs worth $5.5 million in one transaction.