Statement for scientists for the explosion in Beirut!


Yesterday, August 4, the terrible explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has become the main topic of the world. After the videos that showed the severity of the explosion spread on social media, many claims and conspiracy theories were made; There was also a nuclear explosion among these theories.

When we watch the shared videos, we see that a big ball of flames appeared in the explosion, and immediately afterwards a large cloud mass went up in the form of mushrooms. This was one of the biggest factors in the development of nuclear explosion theories, but this explosion wave is not nuclear specific.

Finalized: The explosion in Beirut is not nuclear!

Leaving aside the cloud that brings the atomic bomb to mind; Two horrible consequences in the nuclear explosion were not seen in this explosion. A blinding white light and a very high heat wave. If there was a nuclear explosion, only the heat wave would be sufficient for serious burns to occur in living things.

Vipin Narang, who studies nuclear weapons at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Martin Pfeiffer, a PhD candidate who studies human history on nuclear weapons at New University of Mexico, are among those who confirmed that the explosion was not nuclear.

According to the first calculations made by Vipin Narang, the explosion in Beirut is equivalent to 240 tons of TNT. To make a comparison, the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 1000 times more than this explosion in Beirut.

It is stated that a little more time is needed to determine the real cause of the explosion. The first statements from Lebanese authorities say that the very high number of ammonium nitrates in the port caused an explosion.

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