Statement From China: Coronavirus Can Survive 20 Years


The coronavirus epidemic has influenced the whole world since the beginning of this year and has had a huge impact on our lives. While the treatment and vaccination studies related to the virus continued at full speed, a critical statement was made from China.

Coronavirus, which spread around the world in a short time after the emergence of China in Wuhan city and caused millions of cases and loss of life in many countries, has not been stopped yet even though it has reduced its effect in our country. Worldwide treatment and vaccination studies have coupled the world of science. Countries continue to continue the measures taken, however, trying to adopt a new normal lifestyle, but the effects of the virus are not completely lost yet.

A new one has been added today to news and announcements about the coronavirus, almost every day. A medical consultant in China, where the disease was first seen, suggested that the virus could survive 20 years in a minus 20 degree weather. Professor Li Lanjuan, who made the statement, suggested that the coronavirus has a very high ability to withstand cold weather conditions, and that is why it has spread easily across countries for exactly this reason.

Frozen foods are also quite dangerous:

Professor Li Lanjuan also claimed that the virus’s cold resistance is effective on frozen foods. Lanjuan said that the coronavirus that can live on this type of food increases the risk of contamination among people, and emphasized that controls should be made very tight in the frozen food trade because of this great risk.

Underlining that the spread of the virus from market places where frozen food is sold is very fast and high, Professor Li Lanjuan said, “The virus can survive a few months at minus 4 degrees and 20 years minus 20 degrees Celsius.” used his words. While the researches on the virus are being carried out at the fastest speed all over the world, we will witness this together in the coming days, how scientists will consider these new claims and warnings from China, where the coronavirus was first seen.


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